About us

Weimer Design was started in the year 2000. It was established as a small freelance venture. With a degree in graphic design and business and with almost 9 years of professional experience, I am able to share my expertise with many different businesses, organizations and individuals. Take a look at some of my work. You will see examples in the fields of web, print, identity and interactive. These are real-world projects either done in my professional job or in my freelance venture.

Weimer Design is all about making you, your business or organization look professional, experienced and established. Lets face it, you only get one chance to make a first impression. And, in todays market this could make or break a sale. You may also be looking for ways to retain current clients. There are many ways to give those clients more of a reason to keep doing business with you.

With that in-mind, I believe in the investment theory, which is: “With no investment comes no return.” So, invest in yourself. Check out the different services and products I offer. There may be one right for your business or organization.

Thank you for your time.