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The web is a rapidly changing world and so is the technology behind it. To survive online one needs to have that technology work for them.  Whether you are advertising through banner ads, creating a simple web site or developing an online store, there needs to be a consistent message used and the target market determined while using current technology to its fullest.

The key to good branding is consistency and frequency. This involves the proper use of your business’ identity which can include a logo, colors, typefaces and design elements.A consistent and frequent use of these elements properly will leave a visible impression on a client’s mind. is more aware of the above than most of our competitors. We can tailor a product that suit exactly your needs and more importantly your customer’s needs. In addition to web design, can also manage your SEO, database management, magazine ads, logo design and hosting. Take a look at some of our recent projects below or contact us straight away to get a competitive quote.

Most recent projects

Snap A Site is one of the most popular websites for car hire booking in Spain by Norwegians. Weimer Design is occasionally doing updates to the site.

Snap A Site is a Swedish comparison website for car rental in Spain. Weimer Design did the design of the logo and the website.

Snap A Site is a Danish website where Danish tourists and business travellers can book a hire car in Spain.

Snap A Site is a website based in Finland. Customers can book a car in more than 3000 destinations in Spain.

Snap A Site is a car hire comparison website for Dutch tourists. Trough the website, customers can book a car throughout Spain.

Snap A Site One of the most popular websites in Italy for booking a car in Spain. Weimer Design did the offsite SEO for this site with great results.

Snap A Site is focusing on the British and American market. We did the offsite search engine optimization for the website.

Snap A Site is focusing on the German market for car hire in Spain. Customers can book at most airports and tourist destinations in Spain.


Snap A Site is the French version of the sites already mentioned. The website is very popular in France with thousands of visitors monthly.

Snap A Site is a Czech website for customers in Czech Republic who wants to rent a car in Spain. The website has a few hundred visitors montly.

Snap A Site

The Polish website attracts hundreds of visitors monthly. The website compares car rental prices in Spain from several suppliers.

Snap A Site

Å is a hotel website / portal for Ålesund in Møre og Romsdal Municipality in Norwy. This website is fairly new with few visitors.

Snap A Site is a hotel website for the city Kristiansand in Norway. The website is new and therefore has few visitors.

Snap A Site

Hotell Riga is a hotel website for Riga. Through the website visitors can choose between more than 100 hotels in Riga.

Snap A Site is a brand new hotel website for Krakow in Poland. Visitors can choose between several hundreds of hotels in Krakow.

Snap A Site

Hotell Bodø is a brand new website that lists most hotels in Bodø, Norway. The website compares the prices from major hotel sites.

Snap A Site is a website about credit cards based in Norway. You will also find other information about personal economy and saving tips.

Snap A Site is another credit card website. The website also have information about personal loans and tips on how to save.

Snap A Site

Dittforbrukslå is a new website about personal loans. The website was built in June 2015.