goldfish looking at the baitLink bait is all over the internet, but the term is not one commonly known among web professionals. The term link bait, or linkbait, refers to a piece of content that you put up on your website that basically ‘baits’ people into wanting to link back to it. There are some really key components that make it to where linkbait works, and if those components are missing, you will not have the results you are looking for. Here is a breakdown of what components you need to make sure you include.

Impressive Content

The content should be important, relevant to your keywords, current, and so engaging that people simply cannot stop reading it. It does not need to be a specific word count. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be short or long content. It just has to be something that equates to a website thriller that the audience cannot put down. You need to make sure that you use clever titles, headers, and give something of value in return for their time that makes them want to share your post with others. If you wouldn’t care enough about what was written to share it, then the likeliness is, neither would your audience.

Don’t Forget Images

Something as simple as an amazing picture can be something want to link back to, which can help create links to and from your website. Just because you need something that is engaging does not mean that images are automatically ruled out. The more unique your image is, the more people are going to want to share it. Take advantage of this by naming your image something with your main keyword in it, instead of something generic like ‘photo1’.

Understand the Needs of Your Audience

If you know what it is that your audience is looking for, then you will be more apt to create something of great importance to them. The more important the information is to your specific audience, the more they will want to share it with other people around them. Just make sure you don’t ignore who your most common visitors are when creating your linkbait. For example, if you have an audience of blue collar workers and put up a highly technical piece of information that deals with medical procedures, you may have the best content in the world, but it won’t do your website any good in terms of being linkbait. Keep their needs in mind, and make sure you are offering something of importance to those who have helped you become what you are.

Just remember, linkbait does not always work, but when it does, it is often quite effective. The more reasons you give someone to link to whatever information or image you have to offer, the more likely they are to take the bait and give you the link you are reaching for. If at first your content or image does not inspire the reaction you were hoping for, give it another shot with a twist. Eventually you will get people to take notice and start building up the links your website is craving.